Can I just say I'm SO glad to be done with ebay???

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  1. Now that I can buy and sell on this board, I don't NEED to deal w/the hassle of ebay anymore and can I tell you how exhilirating that is? Not having to answer 10 zillion authenticity questions, deal with nonpaying bidders, ebayers sending international echecks (which I don't even accept) that take 3 weeks to clear. All the girls here are so wonderful too. It's been nothing but a pleasure!

    Yay purse forum Marketplace! :love: :amuse: :nuts: :biggrin: Thanks Vlad and Megs for making it so user friendly too.
  2. Agreed 200% Couldnt have said it better myself!
  3. I just bought me a bag from Marketplace. Took abt 6.5 minutes to complete the transaction from agreeing on price to paying for bag... This is WAAAY cool!!! Yay to the Mods.
  4. No, kidding. I am dying for my 30 days to count down so I can list my goodies. I just got my Ebay bill for this month, over $500 and most of my stuff didn't even sell!!! Plus I am SO SICK of all the non paying winners!!

    Thank goodness for the Marketplace! I'm tired of the Ebay drama!
  5. I would have NEVER considered selling on ebay--just seemed like a nightmare waiting to happen. I found my bags new homes through the marketplace and I'm so happy! Great way to connect bags with new owners!
  6. $500!!! Oh my, :Push: Ebay makes WAY too much money at the expense of its sellers, who are the very people who help build the ebay community!!!

    I wish they'd just charge final value fees, and not listing/gallery fees :worried:
  7. I totally agree.. no more having to hawk over a bag for 5 days 15 hrs 6 mins to make sure no one else gets it. No more bid snipers. And no more shady sellers! The marketplace = amazing!! :biggrin:
  8. Ebay sucks (to quote another member!)! I haven't bought through the forum yet, but I'm watching!:biggrin:
  9. Much Thanks to Vlad and Megs.

  10. I agree Twinklette!! I attempted to sell 2 bags on e-bay while awaiting my month here - one went through okay and the other not - yucko! And it was annoying to boot - I just wish I had saved more to sell here!
  11. I gotta agree.. I've bought 2 items from the marketplace hassle & worry free!
  12. As a seller - the marketplace has been WONDERFUL!! It's really helped me fund my new purchases. Plus, I've met some really great gals through selling!
  13. Hooray for you Twinklette! Yay for the Marketplace! Thanks Vlad and Megs :biggrin:
  14. I am really really happy you all love it! I know it will not be perfect, but I hope it is better and more hassle free than eBay! :love:

    I myself am terrified of eBay and will NEVER use it-- just too much to think and worry about for my liking!!
  15. I've looked at designer bags on eBay, but it seems it would be too easy to get a designer fake, and it is hard to tell from the pics sometimes what you are really getting (Still, I have got some other very nice things at great prices there...), so if I want to buy a used designer bag, I already know where to look!

    Thanks Meg and Vlad!
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