can i just say how much i HATE UPS!!

  1. :rant: I am sooooo mad!!! i HATE UPS! I was returning a problem item to a boutique on the other side of the states, and was tired of paying s&h so i told them they were going to do it. They arranged for a pickup with UPS. I waited at home ALL DAY today, wasting MY entire day, waiting for the ups guy. There is 1 hour left before they stop doing their route, so i open the door, and what's there?

    a ups shipping document.

    Apparently they came and never rang the doorbell??? My house is smaller than your average apartment, you hear EVERYTHING so, how quiet did they even knock!? This is rediculous.

    Now i have to make a special trip just to return this fing package, and i have to call the boutique AGAIN (i feel like i'm harassing them now) and ask for their account information, because it is blank!


    Thank you, UPS, for ruining my day off.:mad:
  2. I sympathize...everytime I get something sent UPS they never deliver it when Im home so I have to go to the main office and wait 5 years to collect the package... and the worst is, I see UPS vans everywhere which is all the more irritaing.
  3. I'd like to agree with you girls!..but I have the best UPS service, I and my family/inlaws order stuff online all the time, they either deliver on time or earlier. The same two UPS guys delivery to my home so much that we call each other by name now! :shame: I'm pretty sure it depends on the location/store, because where I stayed in Vegas really s:censor:ked!
  4. Satine: I'm so sorry this happened to you today. I actually had almost the same problem with them. I was expecting a package though and I waited ALL DAY for UPS. I finally got fed up after about 6 hours of waiting and went to check my mailbox. On my mailbox was a slip saying that UPS attemtpted to make a delivery. I was like WTF????? I was sitting at home all day waiting. They couldn't have knocked at all because I know I would have heard it. Nevertheless, I had to wait till the next day to hunt the UPS guy down and that was quite an adventure.

    Anyways, sorry to hear they ruined your day. I stopped shopping online for the most part because I hate dealing with shipping issues.
  5. geez, that really stinks!!!!


    i hope everything gets sorted soon!!!
  6. I also get them to deliver things to my mom's office- a front desker will sign for it!
  7. this happened to me before as well, and I called customer service and they had to deliver it to me the same day (at night even) this was after 6 pm already... I gave them a real advice on how they lie about saying they had been at my apt to deliver when in fact, they never bothered to show up...
  8. I know how you feel. A couple of weeks ago, I was expecting a package via FedEx and purposely stayed home all day. Finally, late that afternoon, I went outside and saw that they left a tag saying they attempted delivery. I have a pretty big house, and unless I'm downstairs and right in the front part of the house, I'd never hear a knock. We have a really loud doorbell, but it never rang all day. I just don't get these delivery people.
  9. I have the same problem with UPS leaving my things out by the front door and not ringing my door bell. It's more annoying that they were supposed to pick something up from you - why why why? Stupid UPS!
  10. it's an ongoing problem with my ups people too. i've taken to leaving a piece of paper taped to my door saying "I'M HOME!" if i'm expecting anything. and they're still not as bad as the post office.