Can I just gripe about my Valentine's day?

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  1. Ok, so over the weekend I was diagnosed with H1N1 (I'm better now, but still it was pretty scary). Things got so bad that on Sunday I just couldn't take the nausea and vomiting anymore. My husband had to look after the kids, so I went to the hospital alone. I spent 8 hours in emergency (partly hooked up to an iv pole for dehydration and some meds for my nausea) they had to stick me 3 times to get my IV in and hit a valve at one point, that was painful! By the time I got home from the hospital, my family was asleep.

    So yes, that was my brutal valentines!
  2. :hugs:
  3. I am so feel for you. When I get that sick I need major help with my kids too. In addition they can never get the IV in right either. I always come home with major bruises. i am glad to hear that you are feeling better.
  4. That doesn't sound like a fun Valentine's day! :hugs: I'm glad you're doing better!
  5. Aw, that's no fun! I hope you start to get better quickly. That stuff is nasty to deal with. :sad:
  6. Oh yikes!! Rest and speedy recovery to you! :hugs:
  7. Not a fun way to spend Valentine's Day!
  8. So sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better.
  9. Yuck, what a crappy Valentine's Day! Hope you are feeling better!
  10. Hope you are doing better!
  11. aw, that's awful!! i hope you feel better soon. hopefully your hubby will take you out for a nice make-up vday night.
  12. Awww!! Get well soon and keep us posted on how you're doing.

  13. He bought me chocolates, so it's a start!
  14. I am sorry to hear about your not so good v-day. Hope you are feeling better soon though! :hugs:
  15. At least you're doing better, that's the most important part! :smile::hugs: