Can I just go to the counter and ask for them to do my eyes?

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  1. I have a little event tonight and have yet to master the smokey eye. As I am at work I will only have a short amount of time to get ready afterwards and will not be able to do/redo/do/redo if I mess up.

    Can I just go to the MAC counter at my macys and ask for them to do it? Will they do it? Will they charge? Am I expected to buy a certain amount? Should I call and see if I should make an appointment?

    I have my own MAC makeup, should I bring it and ask them to do it? use theirs?

    I have no idea.

  2. some counters require you to buy a minimum - I think it's $50 and make an appointment.

    for sanitary reasons you cannot bring in your own make-up.

    call in advance and ask of their requirements
  3. MAC do require you to buy stuff, make an appointment etc. HOWEVER- Clinique will often do it for you on the spot and you're not obligated to buy. I did this before my wedding, and ended up up going back to buy a few items- based on their non-pressured approach
  4. MAC rarely do it without the requirement to purchase something.
  5. If you go to the Chanel or Dior counter at NM or Bloomie's when it's slow, they'll likely help you out (^(oo)^)v
  6. It all really depends on the rep that you talk to, going on a slow day greatly increases your chances as well.

    They will not use your products due to store policies I believe.
  7. If you want just your eyes done at M.A.C its a $35 minimum purchase required. Must make an appointment 1st. If you want your whole face then it's a $50 Minimum purchase required.