Can I just brag for a minute?

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  1. My husband coaches u21AAA hockey in Toronto. He has a player who's uncles started MAC cosmetics together! So now that I know that, apparantly the whole family and one of the dad's on the team as well works there as well.

    So now I get pretty much whatever I want MAC wise for either cost or sometimes (if I get an order in quick enough!) free!

    I didn't realize how amazing their stuff is until I started using it!

    Sorry just had to brag!
  2. Lucky girl!
  3. That is soooo cool, and well worth bragging about!!

    Hell, I would have rented a billboard myself!!! :yahoo:

    You know now that we will be hounding you for inside info and reviews though now, don't you? :lol:

  4. ^^ haha...I'll do my best!
  5. That is pretty sweet. My friend and I are both MAC junkies and I usually drop over $100 each visit. I could easily spend more but don't. Lucky you!!
  6. That is awesome. I was thinking of getting a job at MAC just to get the cool discount. It gets expensive everytime I go there. I can't just walk out with ONE eyeshadow:greengrin::shame:
  7. Very cool.

    And I didn't realize any of the original MAC founders still were involved in the business now that it's owned by Estee Lauder. Nice to know.
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