Can I just ask,

  1. Has anybody used this site? Is it the real deal?

    Any comments welcome, I have just placed an order and wanted to check (probably abit late now, opps.)

    Thanks x
  2. I'm pretty sure they are to be honest, but I don't have proof. They've been around for years actually, I bought a FCUK bag off of them like 4 years ago. What did you order? :smile:
  3. Yeah they are :yes:
  4. Thanks for ur reply! i'm pretty sure too but just wanted to check.
    A mini chloe paddington in Chocolate, it was the only place I could find the colour so I went for it. Fingers crossed!

  5. congrats!! :nuts:
  6. Thanks! I'm very excited:yahoo:, should be here Tuesday,girly squeel.......:love: