Can I join you guys? My new Stam!!

  1. Hi guys!!! I just received my new Stam from a friend :flowers: :yahoo: !!!!
    Did you know how hard it is to take your picture when you don't have a big mirror?
    nooo.... try again, maybe without the mirror
    ok, there's the chain...
    I think I pulled a muscle...

    There she is!!!! I love her :love: She's a F/W 06 baby :cutesy: I love the smell of the leather and how smooth the zippers are.


    1.JPG 2.JPG 4.JPG 7.JPG
  2. Congratulations!! She looks amazing on you :smile:
  3. Congrats on your FAB new stam!!!!!! LOVE this bag!!! :love:

  4. Thanks!! I'm lounging , watching the telly while wearing it right now :jammin:
  5. Congrats! Great bag! and you look lovely with it! :heart: :flowers:
  6. So pretty! Thank you for sharing your new baby!
  7. Gorgeous! I loved all your funny comments!! Congrats on your new baby!!
  8. So pretty! Which season did you get? Or if it's easier, what color lining? I'd love to hear your review!
  9. Thanks! :flowers:
    The interior is beige, and I think it's F/W 06. The kisslock has a little bead too.
    I know the Fall 05 had red suede lining, but what were the others? Spring 06 had blue suede I think?

    Taking her out to work today... I'm afraid of the looks the big chain will get... maybe I should take it out! :blush:
  10. What kinda looks? You mean... lusting looks? Keep the chain, so helpfull when you need two free arms.

  11. Congratulations! I love your Stam. It looks great on you.
  12. Ha-ha!!! Thatta girl!! Congrats!! Lovely bag!!!
  13. Great bag!!! I love the black stam, beautifull.
  14. Congratulations!! I love the stam!! Enjoy your bag!
  15. I thought maybe it would look tacky... but I kept it, and I rocked it!! :rochard: