Can I interest anyone here in doing a custom order w/ me for an apple green BE r/o

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  1. (BE = Belen Echandia) I'm Yours? Here is the bag in an apple green python, but it would be matte leather rather than snakeskin


    Here is another pic of the bag:

    And a pic of the leather:

    Here is a link to the price and dimensions of the bag:

    Anyway, the bag would have silver hardware and fuschia lining:heart::heart:

    I need to get 6-8 people on board in order to order this bag as it would be custom made for us. Typically, you make a deposit for 30% of the price and when the bag is finished (in 6 weeks or so), you pay the rest and the bag is shipped to you.

    Anyone else interested? I've posted this in the BE board, but this is such a pretty bag, that I thought a few ladies here might be interested as well.
  2. OMG ~ that apple green python is TDF ~ :drool::drool::drool:
  3. Circoit, IF the bespoke for the fuschia LMM w/SH doesn't materialize then I would definitely be interested. I can't do both, and I am hoping that the fuschia LMM does go through as it would be my first choice.

    So can you put me down as a "maybe" and I will see where things go in the next couple of days and make a decision?
  4. Sure! I really do hope you get your fuschia bag, though. It sounds so pretty!
  5. OMG that apple green python is AMAZING!!! Sorry I can't help you in your quest, but do you have any idea how much the bag costs as pictured in your post and how it can be purchased? It's not on the website. (At least I couldn't find it.)
  6. OneJJen - I have no idea. Contessa had the pic as her avatar, so I imagine she would be the one to contact for info about the bag.
  7. Oh that would be such a cool bag!! I have a bbag on layaway so I have no funds:sad: