Can I hold seller to e-mails for claims?

  1. I am thinking on bidding on a bag that does not say authentic in the auction. I e-mailed the seller (through eBay) asking where the bag was from and whether it is authentic. It looks OK but if I bid and it isn't will I have any basis for a claim since it wasn't listed in the auction? Just wanted to check before bidding? Thanks.
  2. Yes, selling fakes is against eBay rules and is sufficient basis for a SNAD claim through PayPal. I would also pay with a credit card through PayPal so you have an additional layer of protection.
  3. Please post item number.
  4. I'm confused. . . why would you buy from someone that isn't even claiming it to be authentic?
    Isn't that kind of knowingly buying a fake?
  5. Why don't you take advantage of the knowledge here, and post a link and ask what do you think? Now that I am a part of this Forum, I will never buy a bag without asking-spare yourself untold grief!!! and good luck.
  6. Yeah the emails from the seller can be used for claims if the bag turns out to be a fake. But sometimes if things seem too good to be true, they usually are. It's amazing how guillible people can be when they see a deal too good to be true. You can retract your bid or have the seller cancel your bid if you don't feel confident.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I have posted it on on another forum and people said it looked real. It looked real to me too. I was just bothered that the auction never listed the word "authentic" but the seller assured me in their emails that it was. I just wanted to have some recouse in case it was just a really good copy.
  8. Maybe some sellers think the word 'authentic' has no meaning any more - I've seen a lot of fakes described as 'authentic' on eBay. As Bear6108 said, ALL bags on ebay are required to be authentic - if it isn't, you can do a paypal claim. Just make sure you pay by credit card - it gives you an extra layer of protection.