Can I have your opinions on this wallet please?

  1. So I pretty much thought I wanted to get a Koala in the pink vernis, but then I saw the Zippy in it and I think that would be a better wallet for my money. But I am wondering if it is too big to be all pink, or is that just in my head bc it is a larger wallet? So I would love your opinions on the Zippy AND the color choice....thx!


  2. Honestly, I think it is gorgeous...color and style!
  3. Maybe it's because it's after midnight here, but pink epi? :wtf: Really?

    Anyway personally I'm less into the zipper thing because if you need to pay and then there's the zipper to unzip etc. and maybe you just have one hand free... well... although I have the zippé but there you have it only for the coins. On the other hand it will keep your cards etc. safe and it does hold a lot.

    I think the color is really cute especially if you like pink of course!
    Although in general I'm a little wary of the vernis because of the possible color transfer... :huh:

    Well, if you love it, get it! :flowers:
  4. I think it's GORGEOUS!!! Love the color and it looks like it holds a lot!:yes:
  5. Stunning! I love both the color and the style!
  6. I adore that wallet. I personally prefer a zip around wallet. If size isn't a concern, go with the vernis zippy.
  7. beautiful!
  8. I think she meant vernis :smile:

    I like the zippy! It is a new style, correct?
  9. OOps, yeah that's what I meant! I will fix that! I am a newby! lol

    I think this is a new style actually....
  10. I love the color, I love the style. I have a multicolor koala wallet and believe me it's not really easy to use.
  11. I have had a koala in mono and damier. I love it. I holds tons of stuff and is not so big as the zipper wallet. JMO
  12. I like the zippy. Does it hold as much as the porte tresor or more?
  13. i have the monogram zippy that i use for travelling. it is great coz i won't have to worry about my stuff falling out and it can hold a couple of currencies. and the pink vernis zippy is beautiful coz i love the colour pink. actually, it can be kinda used as a clutch too.
  14. i am not usually a pink lover but this wallet is gorgeous! i like how you can put like a million things in there and the zipper will hold everything in. go for it!
  15. the zippy is GORGEOUS!! go for that one!! :smile: