Can I have your honest opinions please?


Jul 30, 2007
Hi ladies, I'm hoping you can help me out. This Saturday is my 20th birthday, and I'm going to London for it! Anyway, I was in London 3 weeks ago and stopped into the H boutique. I was looking around, and then I saw the loveliest wallet - a turqoise compact Dogon. It was the first H item I have ever held with my own two hands and I just melted! Anyway, I called the boutique a week later (the SA remembered me lol) and they said that they would put it on hold for me until this Saturday since I told them that I'm coming back. I really, really want to get it for my birthday, but I wanted to ask you guys honestly, do you think a $1100 wallet is a little ridiculous for a 20 year old? I mean I don't even work or anything, so do you think it's a silly thing for me to have? All of my friends tell me to wait to buy such expensive things when I'm older. But I'm not a huge wallet person and I'm very picky about the ones I do have...long story short, this would be my only wallet for a very long time. I figure that I will have it for years to come, so I'll get my money's worth, right? (Do H wallets hold up well?) I'd appreciate any thoughts and opinions! Thanks so much! :flowers:


B-& until the sales!
Dec 9, 2007
Dublin, Ireland
If you can afford it (i.e., won't be going into debt to buy it), go for it. It sounds to me like your friends are a little jealous they are not in a position to purchase such items, and you should make your decision independently of their opinions, based on your own feelings and your own finances.

Good luck with whatever you choose, and happy birthday. :smile:


Purple Love
Oct 25, 2006
It IS expensive but it's also obvious that it's something that makes your heart sing and you'll treasure it for years to come so as long as you can afford I would say go for it. It certainly sounds beautiful!


Apr 23, 2007
If you can afford it and will use it then why not. If it's going to sit in it's box and never see the light of day then I'd go for a different brand that you can use daily.

[I never understood those people that asked for "special" wedding crockery that sees the light of day once a year - usually at Christmas then is packed away again. I'd rather use the item and love it to death than be terrified to touch it].

Whatever you decide, have a lovely Birthday!! [oh how I wish I were 20 again...even 30 would be nice...instead of edging ever closer to the 4...0..mark!!:wtf:].


Mar 9, 2008
You're asking US if WE think it's silly? :roflmfao: Heavens no! This is a wonderful way to start your collection and obviously you have been thinking/dreaming about it that means you :love: it and it IS your birthday-you will use everyday of your life-what a lovely way to remember a special occasion! I know what you mean about the $$$ guilt-I think a lot of us deal with those feelings but that is why your TPF sisters are here to support you.


Jan 15, 2008
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If you can afford it, then it's not ridiculous. I agree with anex about not going into debt to fund it. And don't listen to other women about your purchases, especially when it comes to high end items. Jealousy is very powerful. I wish I had the foresight to buy an H. wallet at 20; instead I was busy buying every LV and Prada in sight. You are a wise young lady!

Oh, and have a fantastic birthday kimalee!


J'adore Hermes
Dec 16, 2006
It sounds lovely and you will feel great every time you get it out. My only advice would be to put the contents of your current wallet inside to check there's enough room, you might want to have a look at other sizes and maybe the Bearn wallet too. Have fun and Happy Birthday for Saturday.

You know, lots of the poeple on this forum keep their Hermes addiction here and don't share with their friends - mostly to avoid the reaction you got from your friends, some friends don't get it but that's fine too, don't worry, we are all here for you, lol.


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Jun 29, 2006
i agree with other long as you don't get into debt, it's ok. H wallets are beautifully crafted and if you'll use it daily, i think it's a good investment/buy;).
May 11, 2007
It is definately alot of money, but you have held it in real life, and you love it!!:heart:
I am like you, very picky about my purses!!! and I now use the Dogon (big one), and I love it!!!
I think if its not going to get you into debt, then go for it. It will be with you for a long time, and every time you use it, it will make you feel happy!!!
I often open mine, and just look at it, (have to , because most of the time I am skint!!)
H is fabulous at colours and leathers, and there is nothing else like it.
Early HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes aswell :flowers: kimalee
Feb 18, 2008
kimalee, as long as you have the cash for it, won't go into debt and will truly LOVE it...i say go for it. Only you can know how you feel about things. I have a general rule that I follow....if I leave a product be...and I DON'T dream about it that night...then it's not meant to be!! If I do dream about it, and return to purchase it and it's no longer available, it just was not meant to be. This is coming from a girl who had her first Gucci bag in 6th grade. :okay:


City Dweller
Apr 24, 2006
In my happy place
kimalee - ITA with the others on purchasing the item as long as it makes your heart sing and you won't be going into debt. Plus I can't think of a better momento of your turning 20. For years to come, you'll be able to look at that wallet and recall some great memories.

Lastly, take a bit of advice from an old lady of 40. Seeking the advice of others is fine but at the end of the day it is what you think that matters most

Happy B-day!!!


Sep 2, 2006
Life is short so enjoy the people, places and things in it ... if you can afford to buy it and will use it, it's a lovely way to commemorate your birthday.


Apr 2, 2008
Kimalee I'm 20 and I would do anything to get an H wallet, ok my dream is a bag but I'm thinking about starting with a wallet too (sadly I'm so far away from that) !!seriously I think your friends are just being jealous (or they just can't understand what it means to have a wallet like that) Go buy it and have the greatest birthday ever!!!:heart::heart:


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
This is my age showing, but since you say you don't work, I'm assuming that your parents support you and give you an allowance/credit card to use. It's not what your friends or WE think, but what would your parents think about this purchase? I would have killed my own daughter if she had made such a purchase at that age, but then she wouldn't have been able to do so as we did not give her that kind of discretionary income!

DO NOT put this on a credit card with the idea of paying for it out of your allowance!!! Hermes is a luxury brand and one should not buy luxuries one cannot afford to pay for all at once. The Dogon is a beautiful wallet and I'm sure you would enjoy it tremendously, but it is a true luxury and you have lots and lots of years ahead of you to buy such.

Talk to you parents about this. If you say you can't possibly, then you know the answer and it is that you should pass on this.


B-& until the sales!
Dec 9, 2007
Dublin, Ireland
This is my age showing, but since you say you don't work, I'm assuming that your parents support you and give you an allowance/credit card to use. It's not what your friends or WE think, but what would your parents think about this purchase?
I have always believed that once your parents give you your allowance, it is yours to spend as you choose? If you do not want your child to have spending money to spend freely, it isn't really fair to give them money. When I was a child, my allowance was mine to spend as I liked, although I was made aware that once I spent this week's allowance (on whatever) I would not be getting any more until my allowance was next due.

There are plenty of people on TPF whose parents finance their luxury purchases, I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen "Daddy bought it for me" or similar, and the same is true of me-- all of my luxury purchases are financed by my allowance as I am still in college. Sometimes I tell my mum before I buy something, sometimes I don't, but either way, once she has given the money to me, it is mine to spend how I like. It is, of course, at her discretion whether or not to give the money to me in the first place, but I think that once you make the decision to give money to someone, that should be the end of your input.