Can I have some opinions on the Sienna in creme?

  1. I have one on hold and am unsure if I really really need it. :yahoo:
  2. Is this the same as the ivory? Ivory Siennas are GORGEOUS. The "Creme" colors IMO are a little bit dirty looking.
  3. yeah, I thought that too. I saw one that was a little less dirty looking and thought that I may get it just because it was so cheap. ($300). I have seen some that have a greenish tinge, but this one was almost antique-y looking.
  4. Pretty but high maintenance.
  5. I have an ivory Sienna and I love it. (The cream color is different than ivory.) Jade is right though, you need to be careful with it. If you toss your bags around, it's going to show with this one.
  6. The cream and Ivory are very different..IMO the Ivory is a cream colour, the Cream is more a yellowy beige. I had a Cream first and returned it, the colour did nothing for me..

    Now the Ivory....:heart:
  7. I have an ivory and a cream, which is more of a beige and leather is different too. Leather on the ivory one is like on the smooth black Siennas. The leather on the cream is like the Metallic Army Sienna.
  8. Is yours on hold at the Saks Off 5th in Mission Valley? I was just there yesterday and saw five cream Siennas. Thinking about going back to pick one up but I'm undecided. :confused1:

  9. That was a great price! I have seen several different creme colore bags and they seem to vary between yellow-ish and even green-ish. I then saw one at NM and it was more warm and not fugly if you know what I mean. The ivory is pretty close to being white compared.
  10. It is actually at the NM Last Call, but I did see those Siennas and they looked kind of green-ish? Kind of like a weird color so I didn't get one. The salesclerk told me that they are not going to get any more Kooba until they get rid of the Sienna's and Lena's!
  11. Do you think the cream could be carried in wintertime, or is it too white?
  12. You could totally carry it in the winter.
  13. I just bought a creme on today and was wondering the same thing. What would you wear with it though. What color clothing. I need some ideas here or I will be on what not to wear. LOL!
  14. Emilee, whatever you do, don't wear it with dark colours, the colour transfer can be pretty bad (and hard to get rid of..)