Can I have opinions on this M by MJ wallet? xpost

  1. MJ Wallet

    Sorry for the xpost - I wasn't sure where to ask.

    I can get it for about $150 including taxes and shipping.

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]The essential organizer with eight credit card slots, a checkbook pocket and more. Turn-lock closure
    Golden hardware accents
    Cash pocket and interior zippered pocket
    Canvas lining
    4"HX 7¼"LX 1"W

    I would love to hear your opinion! Thank you!
  2. Its plain and functional looks ok. Its not really expensive, but for 150 I would want something a little more unique or fun looking.
  3. I agree. It's a nice looking wallet but a bit on the plain side... if you like classic, then this would be a good buy.
  4. It's pretty plain, but looks very practical.
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