Can I have an IPhone?

  1. Without a contract? Anyone know any place? I do not do contracts anymore. I was so sick of VW bending me over every month.
    Thanks in advance for any help.:smile:
  2. I haven't had a US-Cell phone contract in years, but I do know that it is absolutely possible here in Germany.
  3. Yes. What carrier do you want to use? Based on that, you can find a used iPhone or buy a no contract phone from the Apple site.

    Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't urge you to get an Android phone. instead of a crApple. :smile:
  4. Yeah but you'd have to pay for the full cost of the phone and their pricey. Great phones but expensive. If your not trying to save money you can get them at the Apple store then get a SIM card separate. If you want to save money I'd recommend buying one used off eBay. Paypal guarantees you're not going to get conned, and I've gotten a refund on 3 occasions already.

    Who you starting trouble for now Chuck? :smile:
  5. you could pay for a factory unlocked iphone straight from the iphone 4 starts at $549 and iphone 4s starts at $649, that's what i did and i used t-mobile prepaid.

    however, iphones are not compatible with t-mobile data (or something like that, i don't really care to learn more) so the internet is not fast, you can only get edge on iphone through tmobile. i switched over to redpocket mobile which uses at&t network so i get 4g on my iphone (yay!). my brother and sister bought used iphones on eBay and although locked to at&t, they will work on redpocket. another option is h2o network, they use at&t network as well.
  6. Red pocket and H2o both do prepaid service for Iphone. I have red pocket and pay $60 a month. But I did pay cash for my phone.
  7. If I recall correctly, the only way to get it unlocked and no contract is to go through ATT in the states. TMo might be able to work with you on service if you buy the phone from Apple unlocked. Itll be a LOT of money without the contract tho. The only option for CDMA carriers is through Cricket or Virgin but you have to buy that full price.