can I have a Damier Speedy 25 and 30?

  1. So I really want another Damier bag since I'm studying abroad in Scotland soon, and right now I only have a Speedy 25. I was hoping to get a larger bag, but nothing quite does it for me the way a Speedy does. :love: Do you think it would be too much to have a 25 and a 30? I was also looking at the Saleya (I like the PM, but I think I'd be able to fit books into the MM), but I don't like it as much as the Speedy...any other suggestions?
  2. I wouldn't own 2 of the same print, but that's just me. Maybe sell your 25 and get the 30 or go for mono, azur?
  3. I thought about getting the 30 in mono even though i have the 25 but I couldn't justify it to myself! I feel like I would always end up neglecting one. So like girlsgottoshop I would also suggest either selling the 25 to get a 30 or to get a 30 in a different pattern.
  4. No, I also wouldn't do that. It's just too similar: no one would even notice that you're wearing another bag. I would rather spend my money on something else. Like the poster above me said, maybe you could go for mono or azur. Or if you really like damier, you could get the Neverfull damier. It also fits a lot of stuff (at least I heard). Only negative about the Neverfull are the small straps, but a lot of Neverfull owners don't seem to have a problem with that.
  5. I have four mono bags but, different styles....I have a speedy 30 would like a 35 but, the tivoli pm is more interesting...get what you love....
  6. Speedies, but in different prints (damier, azur, mono, etc.) are ok in my book, but I wouldnt get 2 of the same print it seems kinda pointless lol the 25 and 30 arent THAT different, but in different prints its a different story!
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  7. I don't want to sell my 25, since it was my very first LV bag. Maybe I'll check out the Saleya again...
  8. I say no, i would get a 30 in azur or mini lin...
  9. I have a confession. I actually own the Azur speedy in 30, and I have TWO azur 25s...I bought one for my cousin and she didn't want it so I've just had it sitting in its box.

    Granted I don't use ANY of them but yes, I do have the two sizes. I say really there is no point and get a diff. pattern so you can switch your look up!
  10. get different prints definitely! a mono one or mini lin!
  11. I'ld say mono speedy! Or you can get that stunning TREVI if you prefer damier!!!
  12. one would be enough in that family area for me.
  13. I also would not get both in mono. I would get a 30 in something different. I personally like the epi collections in the speedy.
  14. how about in mono or epi?
  15. Why not try to sell one of the azur 25's for funding a new and different bag? :graucho: