Can I get your opinions on this epi dupliex??? Not authenticity but size

  1. Hi - I just got this bag and wanted to get your opinions on whether it hangs too low on me (I am 5'2" -- short torso/long legs). I do not plan to use this as an everyday bag but as a true tote/briefcase for meetings or interviews. I think the length should be fine with a coat but am not sure if it is without one.


    epi dupliex 002 (Small).jpg epi dupliex 004 (Small).jpg
  2. It looks great! I LOVE IT!!!:love: I don't think it looks too low.
  3. I think it's perfect on you..I say [​IMG]
  4. It looks fine on you. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks! I just wasn't sure. It is a pretty bag and another one that I got from Ann (from annsfabulousfinds).

    Pardon the powder room. Just seems to be the best mirror for pics.
  6. I think it looks great too!:yes:
  7. LOL! I think I have seen everyone's bathroom on this forum! :roflmfao:

    The bag looks great! And perfect for the office/meetings. I'm only 5 feet tall and I prefer shoulder bags that don't hang too low.
  8. It looks great! I really looked and found it to be lovely!:biggrin: