Can I get your opinions on this bag?

  1. Do you like this style? Also, is the price reasonable? I know very little about Chanel. Dimensions are: 10.5 x 8 x 4 and straps are 22". The price is $997.

    ChanelPurse (Small).jpg
  2. for about 500 or 600 more you can get a new Jumbo 227 which is a FAB bag and is a classic...It depends on what you are looking for...
  3. Thanks! I don't want anything bigger. I was just wondering if this is a classic style or not and if the price was fair and if they carry this in the stores now or if it is an older style. Lots of questions (sorry). It is from a consignment shop near me and I know it is authentic.
  4. I like it! It doesn't look like too old a style to me. If it's pristine, sounds like a fair price as well.
  5. It's a classic style, I like it and I don't think it will look dated. However, regarding the price, that is *way* too much money as this is not a current bag. For nearly $1K, you could buy a new, nicely sized Chanel tote.

    I would not have the gall to charge anyone over $700 for that bag.
  6. Thanks guys! I thought Chanel prices were higher. I have looked at a medium flap in caviar and the cerf tote and both were over $1500 so figured most of their stuff was at least that price (except maybe the Cambon).
  7. Hi Chigirl!

    I have a great Chanel tote that was under $1K retail, but with tax and all it came to about $1200. It's caviar leather and a decent size: can fit a notebook in there! Also, check bluefly regularly for Chanel deals. You can find a nice big tote there for the cost of this used bag.
  8. IntlSet -- Thanks. That is good to know. I did order a small Chanel tote from Bluefly a couple weeks ago but UPS lost the package.:sad: I guess I need to get to a Chanel store and really see the selection instead of trying to buy online. I am going to NM in a couple of days for my cerf (or city chic tote) but their selection of Chanel is fairly limited.

    Have you posted a pic of your bag anywhere on the board?
  9. Chigirl, no, I haven't! I'll take a picture of it later tonight and PM it to you!
  10. ^oh c'mon!! Post it for all of us!
  11. ^^^
    Hehehe! Okay, I can do that!

    I posted the CC's of this bag once to help someone out in authenticating their bag. I'll take a picture of it tonight! I'm just a little ashamed of my bag cause its a little beat up. It's my everyday/school tote!
  12. OH please! There's no such thing as a ghetto Chanel! We still love them even if a little worn!
  13. Sorry, I take godawful pictures!!!

    But she's a caviar Chanel. It retailed like $995.00 without tax.

  14. I love that bag! Is that the small version of the one I just returned? If so, it's more like $1095 or so.
  15. ^^^
    Ahhhh, they raised prices! I bought mine two years ago.