Can I get your opinion on this Matt & Nat Se7en?

  1. Just wanted to see if I can get some opinions on this bag - I really like it, just wondering what everyone else thinks!

    Also, does anyone have experience with Matt & Nat products? Comments on quality?

  2. The only thing not selling me on that bag is the canvas or nylon strap thingys at the bottom, but I am nutty about details.

    The shape and color are great, but I don't have any experience with the brand, sorry.
  3. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the stitching..but it does look like a bag that would be very functional for running errands and such.
  4. matt and nat make good stuff...i had one bag that died after only 3 months but another bag that lasted for like 5 months
  5. Like the bag--but three months and five months? Doesn't sound good to me.....
  6. my 5 month bag is 5 months and counting. i've had no problems with this one that i have now (which is the 5 month bag...i've onl had it 5 months but in these 5 months no issues)
  7. THey make good quality non-leather bags and its definitely a brand you can trust. However that is not my favorite style.
  8. I don't like their bags at all.
  9. Though I may not have the identical bag, I have bought several Matt & Nat bags and want to caution all readers that the zippers used by Matt and Natt are inferior and fail quickly. Given the way the bags are designed and in some cases, the different color stitching integrated with the zipper, when the zipper fails, the bags cannot be repaired and still maintain or respect the original design, look and feel. After contacting Matt and Nat (who cited "policy" regarding needing a receipt from time of purchase, blah, blah, blah and blew me off) I have tried 2 reputable repair companies who refuse to try to do the work because they tell me they will virtually have to take the bag apart and cannot give any hope that I will be happy with the repair.

    So....... after spending over $125 and only 18 months later (I used the bag MAYBE once a week) the bag is useless and headed for the landfill! Now THAT is environmentally friendly....NOT

    And now you know why I am called Purseless Pam and will never buy Matt and Nat again.
  10. I happen to LOVE that style, I think it looks great! :tup:

  11. I love the color. I'm not much of a satchel gal, tho, so I'm not tickled by the bag itself.

    What's important is if you like it....! :yes:
  12. had a matt and nat once (a small messenger style one). the only thing about it that i didn't like was the stuff it was made of - as i used it and the main, long strap became worn, it's not leather (of course) so it doesn't get soft with wear - it just looked worn, with the purple color coming off the edges (the underneath was kinda brownish). not attractive. it held up for two seasons, though, before that happened this year. oh, and it was $6. :p so i'm not complaining.
  13. They are supposed to be "green" bags, and I have seen a few, and I do like them. I didn't know that they were that fragile, however.
  14. My friend had one once, and the zipper broke too! She contacted the company, but they never responded.
  15. I like the idea of non-leather bags for those who don't want to buy/use leather products, and this brand is one of the more stylish I've seen. But I personally prefer leather.