Can I get your opinion on a color here?

  1. Ok - I really want to get this vest, but I'm conflicted between brown (brownie) and white. I would love a white vest, however I'm not a super tiny person, so I don't want to stray into "she looks like a marshmallow" territory. And, well, I have a brown vest already (but it's a cotton one lined with totally different...)

    sooo...brown or white?

  2. I think I like the brown color better! But, since you already have a brown vest, I would probably get the white one! :smile:
  3. ok - here's some more info.
    I found the brown one on sale (in my size) for less than $100...the white one I'd have to pay full price for, $125.
  4. What color is your skin tone? White would look fantastic if you have an olive complexion and darker hair. White is my favorite outerwear color in the winter!
  5. White is so in right now. But you definitely don't want to look like a marshmallow. I say get both and return the one that you don't want!
  6. I like the brown more
  7. Love the brown.
  8. I think the white on is nice.
  9. Thanks for your advice all...I ended up going for the brown.
    1. because I could find it in my size (Medium)
    2. because it was on sale for $75 plus shipping (under $84 total) and I figured I couldn't pass up a good deal like that!
    3. really, do I need to accentuate my wide middle with white puff? heheh..went with the brown.

  10. Brown one... cuter and cheaper... can't get any better!!!
  11. white