can i get some love? :(

  1. as many of you might now, i've been searching for a pewter first high and low!
    i finally got my hands on one. when i opened the box, i knew it was exactly what i was looking for! the city i had was odd-looking on me, but the first is so sweet. i love it.

    but, the bag wasn't completely as advertised. i was told that there was no wear on the handles, but the metallic on the undersides of the handles has rubbed off! pewter is hard to photograph, but i tried. i feel so disappointed right now...:cry:

    i contacted the seller, hoping it was just a mistake or oversight. the seller has been great so far, so i'm trusting that it will be resolved.

    anyway, i've had a rough day and thought my b-bag gals would understand how i feel... keep your fingers crossed for me, and thanks for listening!
    pewterfirstTPF1.jpg handlestPF.JPG
  2. awww... i am keeping my fingers crossed for you! the seller has to be able to do something about this, good luck!!

    I wonder if metallics wear like this in general? Any metallic b-bag owners with experience with wear on these bags?
  3. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your bag! But, congrats on getting a Pewter First! Like murasaki, I wonder if all metallics are prone to this problem? Once you and the seller succesfully resolve this issue, I would spray with AG rain and repellent or some kind of protectant so it won't rub off anymore. Actually, is AG safe for use on metallics?!?
  4. thanks, murasaki and pupster!
    i had a pewter city for a few months actually, so i know that the metallic bags lose their metallic when they wear. but, my bag only wore on the corners like other b-bags.
    my bag never had any wear on the handles like these... i should try to photograph it again, but there is an area of wear on one handle that looks like it is due to the braiding from the other handle! :cry:
  5. wow, it's a beautiful bag *jennifer*, i've been pondering a pewter for soooooooooooo long :yes: ...i'm sorry if the seller wasn't totally honest about the condition...but it doesn't look bad to me at all...maybe she could give you a partial refund (?)...i've heard that metallic bags are prone to having the color wear off...but i still think they're amazingly beautiful anyway :flowers:

    p.s. i've heard metallics are made of a different leather than the others (?)
  6. I can't quite see the damage well, but I can see it looks different by the braiding---I wasn't sure if it was from the flash or sheen of the metallic or not. *fingers crossed for you, sweetie!*
  7. the metallics are made with lambskin (agneau). i guess they take to the metallic treatment better?

    hopefully the seller will at least give you a partial refund :hrmm:
  8. does anyone know if the metallic leather is heavier than goat (?)
  9. I am not seeing the spot, either. Is it really noticable, or did you just see it going over the bag thoroughly? Either way, if you are not happy, I'm sure the seller will do what it takes to make you happy. I'm sorry the bag isn't 100%, you have been on the hunt for a long time!
  10. this is the best picture i could get of the part that is rubbed off in the braiding pattern...
    with and without flash...
    IMG_4582.JPG IMG_4583.JPG
  11. I do see that now, Jennifer. That bag is certainly not without flaws, and I'd be upset, too. Do you want to keep it, or do you want to send it back and start over?
  12. i think the hard part for me is going from thinking there is no wear at all to... quite a bit of wear imho. plus, the wear from the braiding is so strange... i dunno. this just upsets me...
  13. tln, i feel like i've been searching for this bag for eons! even though yes, i know in reality it's only been a few months.
    i love it. if i had the choice of having only one b-bag for the rest of my life, this would be it. this is my mr. right!
    i just hope the seller will offer me a partial refund. having to start over sounds painful...:cry:
  14. The wear doesn't look like the spots were rubbed off, but kind of like they flaked off or something, do you think?

    I don't know. If you were expecting flaked off spots, you would not be surprised, but that is certainly not the case here. I'm so sorry, this is really disheartening for you!
  15. awe, i can see it better now *jennifer*, but it's still not bad :flowers: ...but the problem for me, would be that the seller was dishonest about the condition :sad: ...and if you were expecting a mint conditon bag, maybe this isn't the one...let us know what you decide!!!