Can I get some help IDing a bag?

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  1. I saw this bag someone was carrying and it was a cognac/saddle color, with braided handles. There was gold hardware that was sort of on the sides of the bag. It was probably a high end brand as that's what she usually carries. Does anyone know of something that sounds like this? Thanks!
  2. can you give a more detailed description? what type of bag? like hobo or tote etc?
  3. That could be a Gucci.
  4. I just became a member of TPF. I came across this site thru google. When trying to find a storage solution for my bags. There was a conversation about how everyone stores their purses. I am trying to find that section of the site. Can you help direct me there?
  5. Hmm, it wasn't really a hobo, probably more like a tote? It was a little wider at the bottom, and more rounded at the top. Sorry! I'm not very good at describing it. Oh, and it was definitely leather.
  6. Was it a Chloe?