Can I get some good vibes for my MIA Stella?

  1. I won a quilted chain strap Stella on eBay last week, and had it delivered to my office because my mail situation at home isn't very reliable (I live in an apt in NYC with no doorman and it's hard to get packages signed for)

    SO according to USPS tracking, it was delivered at 10AM. My office mail room can't find it.... :confused1: I'm just hoping that it wasn't lost or delivered to the wrong person!:push:

    Please send out good vibes that my missing bag makes her way to me quickly!!
  2. Wishing that your bag gets delivered safely....
  3. thinking good vibes!! im sure it will show up.
  4. ahh man! i really hope you find out where it is!!
  5. I am so sorry! :sad: I am sure it's just a typical corporate screw up. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  6. Hope it arrives safe and sound!
  7. I'm sure its just in an unsorted pile of boxes in the mailroom. It stinks you can't have it for the weekend. I will keep my fingers crossed you get it the SECOND you walk in on Monday morning.

    keep us posted!
  8. I'm sure it will turn up on Monday. I work in a fairly large office in Manhattan and sometimes my packages can take a full day or two (what feels like forever!) to get to me. Some days I think the mailroom just gets overwhelmed and backed up. I hope that's the case in your situation!
  9. Oh man!!!! That's awful!! Did you ever get it?? Keep us posted..Good luck!!!
  10. I'm hoping I'll have it on Monday! Thanks so much for the good vibes.... I love PF gals!
  11. I have had packages lost in the mailroom. I am sure it will show up on Monday.
  12. Waiting for packages are the worst!

    Sending good thoughts your way, I'm seeing you re-united with your bag on Monday.
  13. Like waiting for packages isn't hard enough! Good luck getting it, please keep us posted.
  14. My fingers are cross for you! Update on monday!!
  15. I know how you feel. I hate waiting for packages, especially if there's something wrong with it. I hope you will find it! Call UPS for sure if you don't get it on Monday. Keep us up to date!