Can I get opinions on this royal blue patent classic flap please?

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  1. Pursebop has a jumbo. :smile:
  2. You learn a ton of things from the eBay forum. Toolhaus is just one of them. eBay pretty much does what it feels like doing. It's all about the $$$ they make.
  3. I love that blue its so pretty!!
  4. thanks tutushopper;)
    I love the jumbo in this color....more surface area to show off her fabulous finish!
  5. Love the patent blue. It's outstanding!!! Go for it.
  6. I think the blue. As others have said it really is outstanding. Also, by your avatar pic I feel like that blue would really suit you.

    Oops, just realized I meant to post the above in your other thread choosing between the two.
  7. I"m SO happy I read this thread. I was considering purchasing this purse!

    I just bought 2 chanels (black caviar jumbo & GST) in November and wanted to add color to my collection. The NM that I usually purchase from sold out of the patent blue (i was always the third name and they only got 2 of the jumbo, medium and clutch). SO i've been looking for this purse! I"m going to paris in May ... so I guess it's a sign to just wait and get something blue there. :smile:

    THanks tutushopper!