Can I get opinions on this royal blue patent classic flap please?


    I am already head over heals. I love the color, the patent leather. (Is patent hard to take care of?) Can I please get opinions on this bag. I'm contemplating between a classic flap, gst, or boy. This will be my second chanel. My first one is special ordered and will arrive sometime in June. (Black Jumbo Caviar Classic Flap w/ GHW). Thanks in advance for your help! :smile:

    Seems the seller has a lot of red showing....
  3. That's because eBay doesn't show them to you; you have to use another website to see them. This seller seems to have somewhat of a temper issue! You are welcome.
  4. Patent bags are gorgeous!!! But I wouldn't own one, except a black one. I had a beautiful 11c Fuschia woc that I only used a few times. I noticed it had a lil black dot on it. Not sure from what, as I am super careful with all my bags. Also there was a small lil area that looked slightly dented. So I decided to sell it, before I did any more to it. In my opinion Patent leather is very delicate or "sensitive", I would go for lambskin before patent. If you really want a patent, I would go for black. Thats on my wish list. :p
    Good luck in your decision :smile:
  5. Thanks! I am thinking of a black patent too but I have so many black purses. I assumed patent was more durable than leather.
  6. Seriously one of the prettiest blues I've ever seen on a purse.
  7. I have the same bag as pursebop and love it!! It is so easy in any type of weather (rain or snow just wipe off!) and I use mine often with no marks or anything. Black patent would probably have fingerprints on it a lot but I guess it depends on the patent material. Check it out in person first otherwise it will drive you batty! Happy shopping!
  8. and it co-ordinates with almost anything...heading to DC tomorrow and I think my blue beauty will be my companion again! Most neutral blue ever!
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    OMG!! more people should know of this website:
    thank you for checking!! i wasn't aware of it too.

    i just checked on this for the seller i dealt with on another website( extremely popular) that cannot leave any feedback as she is also an ebay seller. on ebay, she has only 2 negs so i thought she is a good seller!

    on toolhaus, she has 26 negs and was very rude even using F!! now, i know why i had such an awful experience with her!!! how can ebay hide all the negs????? no wonder, she hardly sells anything on ebay now but more on that extremely popular website cos no one can leave any feedback for her! :mad:

    but i guess, thanks to her, i will never buy anything pre-loved or vintage again. just not worth it imo :shucks:

    p/s sorry for the side track but more people should know about the website.
  10. Ohhh I wouldn't like fingerprints haha. Thanks for that tip. I really do love the look of a bright patent.
  11. You must be so happy!! Yours is a medium? Do you find a lot to fit in your bag? This color/style is very hard to find. :sad:
  12. Yes I agree!!! I had no idea about this site until tutushopper mentioned it. I don't understand how Ebay can take off negatives like that?!
  13. And I'm so sorry for what you had to go through. That is my fear of buying pre-owned/vintage online!