can i get my tory burch reva flats stretched?

  1. i just bought a beautiful pair of tory burch reva flats from Shopbop. the good news is that i didn't have to pay tax. the bad news is that Shopbop suggested that i order half a size down since the flats tend to run large. now, after wearing them, i realize that they're kind of tight and it's hurting the sides of my feet and toes.

    i can't return them because they've been worn. question is, can i bring them to my local cobbler and have them stretched out? will this ruin the shoes? any help or suggestions you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. tia!
  2. When i got them not from Shopbop but from Saks i was told they run true to size and i got the size i always wear and they fit w/ no problems . If i were you i would call them tell them you got the shoes 1/2 smaller than what you usually wear because they told you they run small when in fact they don't. Tell them you wore them once and they hurt your feet and since it was their mistake you want to excahnge them for your correct size
  3. ^^ I agree. It's their fault. If they won't take them back, I think the shoes could be stretched a little.
  4. My reply may confuse you more, but here

    I am a US 9, and I purchased the Revas December of last year in a 8.5. I tried on the 9 and my heel was coming out of them when I was walking. So, the SA told me to get the 8.5 because they would stretch and mold to my feet, which they did after a couple of wears. They fit me perfectly and were really comfy. I only wore them maybe 10-15 times and I just recently sold them, but I have recommended them to others.

    I don't know if that was my luck or what, but maybe try wearing them around the house a bit more or get them stretched (which should work since they are leather). If anything, notify Shopbop of the problem and I'm sure they will be happy to accommodate you like the other posters said.
  5. that's so wierd that they say to go a half size down. I went to saks just to make sure yesterday and I definately think they fit true to size. It's their fault, what ended up happening?
  6. I agree with everyone else - try talking to ShopBop CS first to see if they'll replace your flats with the right size. If they won't, you should be able to have them stretched pretty easily!
  7. I bought my first pair of TB Riva flats today from Nordstrom. They fit my foot true to size and they are AMAZING!

    I regret being a late bloomer when it comes to these adorable shoes. I bought the black with gold, but I would have preferred black with silver. I'm definitely going to order a pair in green from Shopbop.
  8. I'd definitely call the CS at shopbop. Tory Burch flats do NOT run large. I'm a 9-9.5 and I got a 9 in my 1st pair but they are a little tight (I think its b/c they are narrow) so I sized up to a 9.5 in the 2nd pair which I ordered during the shopbop code. They should be arriving w/ me today. I'm hoping they'll be a little wider and won't be too big! I think they will feel comfier but I'll have to wait and see.
  9. A cobbler will be able to stretch them. The leather is so soft so it should be easy.
  10. I had to stretch mine as well since I have wide feet. If this is often an issue with you, you can buy your own shoe stretchers to keep at home to stretch any other pairs. I like the wooden ones best. I got mine on eBay but I'm sure you can find them in stores.