Can I get my ring sized 1/4 size smaller?

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  1. My stupid ring finger on my right hand is somewhere right between 5.5 and 6.

    Has anyone here ever had a ring sized to "3/4" or "1/4" of a size?

    I think this new ring is gonna HAVE to be ~5.75 for me to be able to wear it daily...

    It also has to do with the shape of the band, which is rounded, making it feel a bit looser than a flat band would be.

    Any advice or experience with this appreciated!! I have a great jeweler and I am confident they will be able to help me.. right?
  2. Rings can be sized in quarter increments, but it does depend on the style of the ring. Full eternity bands, for example, are quite difficult to resize.
  3. This is just a simple gold band with a solitaire setting.

  4. My finger is 4.25 - so quarter increments are definitely possible.
  5. Ugh, my ring finger on my right hand falls between a ring size 5.5 and size 6 as well. It makes things so complicated. The left hand is fine though, size 6 (I write with my left hand, so it's bigger).
  6. You shouldn't be facing any major problems as you say that you have a great jeweler alongside you.Give him your measurements and ask him to get the job done for you.