Can I get Cartier Love for less anywhere?

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  1. I’m not sure if anyone has had experience buying from orchmelia on Instagram? She seems like a pretty legitimate seller and she quoted me a price for a love cuff less than tax free retail. I was thinking of buying from her when I’m ready..
  2. Yes at the airport. When i purchased the bracelet i was given forms at the Cartier boutique to fill out and take to the tax booth at the airport. The booth was by my gate in Cancun. I think it's called "Money Back" or something like that. The money gets refunded directly onto the card that you purchased your item with. The sales associate at Cartier was very nice and even gave me a candle as a gift. They did not have any travel pouches though. but the bracelet was given to me in the Cartier box, bag, etc.

    In comparison i went to the Cartier boutique yesterday on 5th Avenue in NYC and the sales associates were not helpful at all. i went in ready to purchase the thin love with 6 diamonds but since I didn't feel welcomed or "special" i decided not to buy it. Something about my experience made me not want to spend my money there. This is the second time i've experienced this at this location. I am going to the Bahamas in May and i will make my purchase there at the Cartier boutique located in the BahaMar resort. The prices are the same as the US but they are duty free.
  3. I am sorry you had a bad experience. But I am right there with you, if you don’t make me feel welcomed and special, then you don’t deserve my hard earned money. Have a fabulous trip and I hope have a wonderful experience @ Cartier and get your next Love!
  4. So weird. I’m trying to purchase my next Cartier piece from the manhasset store, as suggested in this thread but they won’t ship to California?
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