Can I get Cartier Love for less anywhere?

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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm interested in getting a Cartier love ring and bracelet and wonder if there are retailers that sell it aside from the Cartier store? The reason I ask is that I live in a state with a Cartier store and our tax is exorbitant. I'd like to save a little if I can. Any advice? Thanks!!!
  2. If you dont live in NY, try Cartier Manhasset. They are technically part of another jeweler (I think London jewelers?) and if you live outside of the state you can get it tax free.

    Also in the Carribean the Cartier stores give generous discounts.

  3. Which port/island? I am curious to know. We were in St.Martin 2 yrs ago and the SA at the Cartier boutique told me they do not offer any type of discounts at all
    and its only dutyfree..TIA
  4. Omg, thank you! I will definitely give the manhasset store a call. Will the Caribbean cartier stores ship to the US mainland?


  5. I was recently at Cartier in St Maarten and prices were only 5% less. If you ship to mainland you have to pay duties.

    I emailed St Thomas and prices seemed about 10% off, but again you pay duties. It probably negates any savings.
  6. I bought my Love while on a multi stop caribbean cruise at the Cozumel Mexico boutique, it was more than 10% off US prices, and no tax. All told, it saved me a bit more than 20% off US prices that would have included tax.

    The prices in Cayman Islands was even lower. You do have to pay shipping and duty if they ship to you, so it negates a lot of the savings. They didn't have my size, otherwise I would have purchased in Cayman.
  7. FYI, if you buy from London Jewelers, they require you to charge it on an AmEx card in order to ship it.
  8. Yeah, you are probably right. Thanks so much!

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  9. They also accept wire transfers.
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  10. Do you know if London jewelers charges shipping?
  11. Yes they do charge for shipping. When I got my Love it was 60 for shipping and handling.
  12. Thank you!
  13. Has anyone gone to Cartier in Cozumel recently? Going on a cruise in October and just wanted to see if this previous information is still valid?
  14. hi everyone,

    I purchased my RG Classic Love bracelet at the Cartier boutique in Cozumel, Mexico (November 2018). Price was $100 less than current U.S. price and I didn't pay taxes. Mexico also offers money back at the airport for luxury items in excess of a certain amount. The Cartier associate explained to me that the price for jewelry sold in Mexico from Cartier already includes Mexican taxes. As a non-Mexican resident I am able to get that money back (similar to how VAT works in Europe). I purchased the bracelet in November 2018 and I was refunded the money last week. It takes a bit of time (not instant like in Europe) but I ended getting refunded around $550 dollars.

    Hope this helps!
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  15. This is great information. Thank you for sharing! I am a Mexican National residing in the US and never knew this (but also new to Cartier). Did you do this at the tax booth at the airport? Or how does one go by doing this ?