Can I get brain damage...?

  1. From smelling my leather bags too much:drool:? I just cant help smelling my Carly everything I have her. Is there like an AA group or something for their leather bags?
  2. lol. i have to comment i love your avatar
  3. Lol
  4. i smell my coach leather wallet all the time, i'm such a goofball.
  5. I've been smelling my Ali's DAILY since I got them, so if you're going to get brain damage from smelling your leather, I'm right there w/ ya!!!!!!
  6. No more damage than hanging around here with all of us! Coach brain damage :lol:
  7. I love love love the smell of Coach leather!!
  8. I don't know...I'm still alive and kickin'...LOL...
  9. I even make my DH sniffs at my bags and he thinks I am crazy but he does it anyway :lol:
  10. I've got Coach on the brain and my DH is sooooooo sick of it. He hates when I even mention the word "Coach". My birthday is in April and all I want is a clutch wallet, so we'll see if I get it.
  11. I love that smell... I think we all sniff our bags heehee
  12. OMG! too funny! I am always smelling my bags!:roflmfao:
  13. Thank God. I am not the only one! :smile:
  14. can you go blind from seeing too many FUGLY fakes? :throwup:
  15. I too am guilty of smelling my coach leather bags. I have other leather bags but none of them have the "coach" smell!! KWIM? I like to call this "aromatherapy"!!! ;)