Can I get away with Cowboy boots this season

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  1. I just can't part with them. Is it terrible to bring them out again this season (I hardly got to wear them last year)! And they are so hot, yet comfortable.

    Tell me what you think. Will I be the only one wearing cowboy boots (under jeans) this season???

  2. This city girl will be wearing them again this year...with jeans and with boho outfits.
  3. I am still wearing mine....
  4. I feel better. They are still being sold everywhere too, and I just love mine!
  5. Sure! I will!
  6. I wore my favorite pair yesterday. :o) They're so cute, I think I'd wear them even if they were "out".
  7. Heck, yeah. I wore mine grocery shopping this morning ... :P
  8. I've got a G Series pair and they look great with my Antik Denim jeans! I fully intend to wear them again this season and whew, glad I won't be laughed off the street, LOL.
  9. Jag, keep wearing them since you love yours. =)
  10. I don't have any, for some reason, but I like them. I'd wear them, if I were you. :yes: