Can i get away with a 30???

  1. Hi ladies...and gents:love: I have the damier 25 but im wanting a mono 30. I have tried it on in the store & it does feel a bit big for a handheld bag BUT for some reason i really want a mono 30. What do you guys think? Can i get away with it??? Heres pics of me with a 25, Im 5'3 at 115lbs.

  2. I think you can, easily. Unless it is too heavy for you, the size will be fine. I do, however, like the look of larger bags, so I would see what the other girls say.
  3. I agree and I love the speedy 30. Perfect size.
  4. i think the 25 looks big enough on you as it is, but you could probably pull the 30 off too. my mom is only about 5'1", and she can rock the Speedy 30 just fine, unlike me, who can only carry the 25 on my 5'4" frame without looking stupid :lol:
  5. To me, the 25 is the perfect size for your frame. I dont think the 30 is that much bigger though, if you feel comfortable carrying it (check in the mirror at the store too), you should get what you want!
  6. Oh hell yeesss! The 30 isn't that big, it'll look gorgeous on you.:yes: I love big bags so I got the 35!
  7. I love bigger bags so I saw yes. It looks great!
  8. I am five feet tall and the Speedy 30 looks totally fine on me. :yes: In fact, I find the 25 too small!
  9. yah, but i have seen your pics sandra & you are thin!!! 32 and a mommy of 2 girls:shame:
  10. Oh yeah:yes: ....get the 30. IMO 25 is too small.
  11. can you girls post pics of you carrying your 30's? those who arent carrying theirs on the visual threads, it would help out a lot:yes:
  12. so what :shrugs:? my mom is 49 with 2 kids too
  13. I would also recommend the 30. :yes: It's so much easier to get in & out of. ;) I love the size, & it's much roomier than the 25. I don't think it's too big for you at all.
  14. Absolutely, get the 30. Big bag is in anyways!
  15. That 25 looks great on you but if you want 30 I think you can get away with it. I have 30, yes it's pretty big on me..