Can I get a yay or nay on this Cole Haan?

  1. Its pretty cute in person![​IMG]
  2. I'm undecided. My first impression is that it looks like a dachsund! (Did I spell that properly?)
  3. It reminds me too much of a can...sorry!:push:
  4. not really digging it.. too barrel-like.
  5. haha a dachshund, thats cute and so is the bag :o)
  6. nay
  7. I LOVE it! super cute! I love the zipper compartment at the end. Yep. funny thing is, I have a mini-dachshund too! Her name is Cleopatra. You may call her Cleo for short. ;))
  8. nay
  9. I vote NAY. Your money is better spent on a different bag, IMO.

  10. Dashshund. That is how you spell it. Looks nothing like my dogs (both dachshunds.). :p
  11. I am not a fan of the style. But I love Cole Haan bags.....good quality. It's nice but I have seen better of his.
  12. Not a fan of the barrel style bag - sorry!
  13. What does the interior pocket structure look like?
    Does it fit in with what you are looking for?
    It's cute enough, but probably nay.
  14. Nay for me as well. Not big on barrel. I used to have a very structured barrel bag and it just never felt right. Gave it away in the end.
  15. I like barrel, but I don't like this.