Can I get a yay or nay on these biker boots? outfit suggestions?

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012
    I have never worn boots like these before, and not sure if I should keep them? Im 5''5 , and not sure if they make my legs look stumpy? they are black leather by Franco Sarto ($129) and pretty comfy, I suppose they are called biker or moto boots? how do you wear them? with jeans, leggings, what type of coat? any suggestions would be fabulous!! Thanks :smile:

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  2. with leggins and skinny jeans....last night the show mentalist (can't recall it's rerun or new)...the main guy got a hot girl who was wearing something very similar.

  3. lol
  4. i always wear my vintage looking moto boots ( taupe eternitys) with anything and everything - i agree skinny jeans to tuck them into... then layered tunics or button downs with fur vest, long shirts, scarves... pile them on.. i just do one moto detail.. then the rest are loungewear/ comfy cottons for contrast!

  5. Thank you!!!
  6. I have a couple of pairs of moto boots. I wear them with cut off jeans and summer dresses and then during the winter leggings & skinny jeans.

    Your legs don't look stumpy in the pictures. All new things take some getting used to. Have fun with your new boots!
  7. I love your boots. They will be an awesome fall/winter addition. I agree-skinny jeans are a perfect match.
  8. Those are cool!
    Where did you buy them?
  9. #9 Sep 26, 2012
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    They are Franco Sarto boots, and I got them at winners for $129, They're great if you have smaller calves and they are adjustable :smile:
  10. YAY!

    You can wear them with anything except perhaps calf-length skits and wide leg trous/pants
  11. ITA, they are lovely and would work with skinny jeans, long shirts, fur vests, etc.
  12. I'm just not sure they are that flattering on me or my legs, I'm petite and 5"5- 105 and they feel chunky, althou I love the way they look like on others just not
    Quite sure I can pull it off! I think I'm more of a riding boot type of gal! :smile: or maybe I need to find another pair of moto boots.
  13. I like them!
  14. Keep them! They're cool and effortless looking. These will most likely become your staple boot for the Fall & Winter and even Spring! Outfit possibilities are endless. Wear them with skinnies, leggings, tights, skirts, dresses, shorts....literally anything and everything. :tup:
  15. I think you should keep them too! I have some very similar boots, the height, length, buckle placements, very similar. I'm 5'2 and they work great for me.