Can I get a vote on which color to get?

  1. So I have a nice big gift card to Coach, curtesy of my wonderful I just don't know which color to get!

    Gold (my SIL has this bag, I don't see her too often, but still) This is pretty much my first choice - and I don't know if this is a "permanent" color at the store or if it's gone by spring.)

    Crimson (I have a signature flap wristlet that would match)

    or go all out, and wait for White?

    any thoughts?
  2. Gold
  3. :yes: I agree! I like the gold!
  4. Odd man out I like the Crimson...
  5. Gold!
  6. this is the wristlet I have that would kinda match it...just bought it last week

    (but I've never been one to be matchy matchy with my purse/wallet/wristlet)


    I did get this wallet for christmas...not a total match to the gold...but it would work...

  7. i LOVE the white! (oooh, i know what i want now!)

    but i think you should go with the crimson!
  8. Gold~~~~
  9. My favorite is the Crimson.
  10. Crimson would be a better color for the season. =]
  11. I like the Gold!
  12. Crimson!
  13. I really like the white!
  14. Gold
  15. I :heart: the Crimson!