Can I get a 'Hail, Yeah!'?

  1. I got hailed on today!

    I was running some errands (getting groceries and such) and it started raining. All of a sudden, I'm looking at the raindrops and I remember them being more . . . solid than what I'm used to. They looked like little white peas. Then I heard someone say "It's hail!"

    The only time I remember hail was when my family and I were in Jackson Hole one summer when my brother was going to boy scout camp.

    It's taking me a while to get used to Toronto weather. I was living at my aunt's house in August, and she left the glass sliding door open. I complained of being cold. (I'm STILL not used to the 'stiff' breeze. Recently I walked to the grocery store and I was the only one in a leather jacket. Everyone else was in t-shirts!)
  2. Hail Yeah for you :wlae:
  3. HAIL YEAH... I was on a road trip once going through the rockies and got stuck in the middle of a hailstorm. Everyone had to pull over cause nobody could see where they were going. lol.
  4. HAIL YEAH! Might need a helmet, eh?
  5. I love hearing hail on the roof =)

    it happens quite often in Sydney - a few years ago, my school closed down for a few weeks due to hail the size of fists!
  6. I agree ... we have hail storms quite often too (esp. with the summer storms)...we collected some that was bigger than golf balls and they make such a LOUD noise as the pound our tin roof:lol: I hate the summer storms here they can be so scary:s
  7. yeah, a helmet is a good investment.. hehe
  8. Hail yeah! I love watching hail from afar. I remember my dog being outside when it started to hail...She looked at it like "what the f*ck?"
  9. last winter there was a quick hail shower here in Glendale, CA. it was fun watching it pour like that. :lol:
  10. ironically, it just hailed here about 10 mins ago. i always thought it had to be warmer for all these storms and hail.