Can I get a catalog online?

  1. I know that you can call the 866 number to get a catalog for ten dollars shipping, but can you get one online? I don't mean for free, just like buying one from the site or eluxury for ten dollars shipping?
  2. I don't know, for me it was easiest to call 866, they were so kind & the catalog was here in mere days.
  3. Really?

    I just feel weird ordering one over the phone. I'm afraid they wouldn't understand me when I told them my address to ship it to, my voice isn't that clear on the phone...You have to pay with a credit card, right?
  4. Yep, or your debit card, they will be decent to you, just explain yourself.
    Or maybe try that live chat on elux, that may make you more comfortable.
  5. I've tried the live chat and they're never there...

    Oh, whatever. I'll just call the number :biggrin:
  6. Thank you for your help! :smile:
  7. You're welcome, & you are right come to think of it, about the live chat, don't think I've ever caught anyone on it either, didn't mean to mislead you!
    Darn it, now I feel like I need to call & get a new catalog too:smile:
  8. Elli, I dont know the answer but just want to say that I love your signature :smile:
  9. Weird, whenever I used Live Chat I always got someone. You do have to give it a few minutes though to get a response. It's not instant.
  10. I wish there was a way to just order a catalog online. Then you could just toss it in your cart along with any other items you're buying.
  11. Heck now I want one too!

    For those who already have the catalogue, does it only show new collections or EVERYTHING that is currently available?
  12. if you are thinking about those big b&w blue cover ones, that one only contains the 'standards', not sure about LE pieces like Vernis :heart:, Dentelle, etc. would like to know how to get my hands on it as well as PRICE sheet!
  13. yes... I wish they would just sell it on elux
  14. I didn't realise the blue one was a black and white catalogue, but yes it would be fabulous if they had a colour catalogue with all the current pieces!! DROOL DROOL
  15. Karenkooper has a lot of catalogs.