Can I fold my Saleya into my carry on???

  1. I am going on a 5 hour flight and am taking a wheeled carry on. I am going to carry my epi speedy but want to bring my Damier Saleya as well. I am taking a tall wheeled carry on and checked it out and my Saleya will fit perfectly in it if I fold the bag at the base. The base will be folded on one side of the bag. I figure that the speedies come folded so it should be ok...right? I am not going to stuff my carry on so it won't get squashed.
    Do you think my bag will be ok?
  2. I think it will be fine, only 5 hours...
  3. I think it will be fine as well. Have a great trip :smile:
  4. it will be just fine
  5. i agree. have a great trip !