Can I fit a Palm Treo (without an antenna) in a Wapity?

  1. Do any Wapity owners have a Treo 755 or other Treo without an antenna (680 or 750)? This would be my first LV piece and I've been wanting one for some time. However, it's a deal breaker if I cannot fit my Treo in it.

    Anyone? Thanks!!
  2. I have a Wapity, but no, I do not think you can fit a Treo in it. However, a Motorola Razr cell phone fits perfectly in the Wapity with room to spare.

    If you go on, you can see the measurements for the Wapity and then compare it to your Treo's measurements.

    An iPhone definately does not fit in the Wapity - I have an iPhone but sometimes now I place it inside my mini T&B pochette.
  3. It doesnt fit, sorry. I tried to put dh's in mine awhile back and it jusdt wouldnt fit in there.
  4. :crybaby:
    Thank you for your replies! You saved me from buying one and being really upset when I figured out that it wouldn't fit.
  5. i just tried it now as i have a treo 750 and it fits inside. its very snug though on the length but you can still put in some id's and cc's on the side.
  6. My Curve is smaller overall than the Treo (650), I wonder if that means I could get it into a wapity...?
  7. I just measured my Curve, it's 4.25" x 2.5" (I rounded up). Elux says the wapity is 4.3" x 3". So a Curve will fit, yay. (it's brand new, the 8130)

    The problem seems to be the bulky antenna on your Treo?
  8. I have a MC wapity and hubby has a treo, I tried but it does not fit ... sorry. It might fit in the MC pochette MM.