Can I find Goyard shop in Spain or Portugal?

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  1. I wanna buy Goyard St.Louis GM.
    I will go to Spain and Portugal next month.
    Does the Goyard shop exist in these 2 countries?
    If it does, please tell me about the location.
  2. i don't think so, but you can check the website to make sure...if you are willing to make a little day trip to france you can go to the mothership and pick one up. However, if you are unable to do that, you can always place an order (by phone or email) with their store in france, london, boston, new york, san fran, or anywhere...and they will ship it right to your door.
  3. Thank you so much for your information.
    Do Goyard will charge the shipping fee?
  4. yes, they will. so i would recommend ordering from one in the country nearest you...
  5. ...or the one that has the best exchange rate against your local currency.

    Best wishes with the purchase. :smile:
  6. Is there a place to purchase Goyard in Spain ?
  7. The physically nearest store is in Biarritz in France which is fairly close to the northeastern border with Spain.
  8. Thank you too far, we will be in Barcelona and Madrid. I wonder why there isn't one in one of the bigger cities.
  9. I can only make a guess, but I don't think Goyard is that popular in a mass luxury way like chanel or Vuitton in Europe compared to in Asia and the USA. Also it seems like the brand has chosen to try to be closer to customers rather than sell to tourists going through Europe. Almost half of the stores are in Asia pacific area and about half of the remaining stores are in the Americas. And all the European stores are either in the main fashion capitals (Paris, London Milan), except Biarritz and Monaco. I wouldn't expect then to open in Barcelona any time soon as I think they have scaled back on new openings.
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