Can I find a large black multipocket on sale?

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  1. where should I keep my eyes open for it?
  2. My guess is eBay! Have it authenticated here first!!:yes:
  3. If you can live with 20% off, you can purchase through Bloomingdale's Charity Event on 10/25/07. It might have to be done with Bloomie's card, but good news is that you can get additional 15% with acct opening. Here below is the stock numbers from the reference section:

    (source: Bloomingdale's Fall 2007 Look Book)

    ***** FALL 2007 *****

    13 x 11 x 5"
    Colors: Black, Peanut

    And yes, they do charge/sends if you don't have a local bloomies.
  4. So during this if you open a Bloomies account you could get 35%???????
    And they do charge sends??????? Oh I think I am in trouble........ what purse ban?
  5. Oops - The Bloomies card gives 10% off your purchases on the day of opening acct. and after (per website).

    I don't have a Bloomies close-by, so last year at this event, I was able to do it all over the phone with a very nice SA at So. Coast Plaza. Had to open acct on-line THAT day however.

    You have to check the website to see which stores are participating in the charity event, and which are not requiring an admission ticket (so wierd!!). And then I would find a good SA and plan accordingly for that 30% savings!

    If you want to save the $300 ............

    If I remember, shipping kinda pricy at $20, but if you order out of state, there may be a savings on tax.
  6. Please check the MJ SALE thread at the top of the forum for sales!!!!!
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