Can I expect to find...

  1. different bags at Neiman Marcus than just those available on their website?
  2. No i don't think so, it will be the same gucci website.

  3. so Neimans will only have those bags in store that are on the stores no reason to go to the store to check out what Gucci's are available or on sale?
  4. They may have more bags than what is available on the website.
  5. i'm thinking they'll have more in stores. the ones on the web are just too limited
  6. i was at nm in dallas yesterday and they got alot of the fall bags in. the sa said they just got them in. they had some beautiful fall bags. worth the time to stop by and see them
  7. yep they often have different bags online than in the stores, sometimes you'll find what you want online rather than the store or vise versa.