Can I exchange this?

  1. My parents are giving me the large Carly in black but I really want the chocolate.They already brought it and they got it from Coach on the local Military base. Will I be able to exchange it at my local store? I orginally told them the chocolate but change it to the black for reasons that will take to long to type. I feel bad for being so wishy washy about the bag so I don't want to tell then again I want the other color. So could I exchange it?
  2. It'd probably be easier to return it on whatever post you live near, if you have someone that can get you on post, as AAFES marks Coach down by about 20%.
  3. I don't know anybody in the military besides my dad(who lives about 10 states away). I don't want a refund or anything, I just to exchange it. They actually got me a large that I want to exchange for the medium.
  4. Ask your folks if they can purchase another one and ship it to you, and you send the one you have back so they can return it.

    Where do you live?
  5. I've hinted that I wanted the brown one again so if they exchange it(they still have it) then that works out, otherwise I'll just sell it on eBay then go buy the brown one. But I hope I dont have to do that. I live in New Hampshire. Theres a AAFES in Mass. but again I don't know anyone in the military. Wish I still had my dependant ID:sad:. My dad is good at hints so hopefully he'll just exchange it. Thanks!
  6. I think you should just let them know straight that you changed your mind now and you would love to have the chocolate one. I am pretty sure they would understand because they rather get something that you really love to wear than find out later that you put the purse they purchased for you on eBay.. just my two cents ;)
  7. ITA with Danielle. If your dad's in the military, then he probably appreciates honest and direct communication. Just tell him what you really wanted and you're sorry if you sent mixed signals and you were touched that they sent you something amazing.

    Or you can just give me the large black carly cause it's backordered on and I've been trying to get it for ages! LOL
  8. I exchanged a Khaki Carly for a Brown one at the Coach Store without a receipt. No problems-- mine was a gift and I wanted the Brown Signature. It's worth a try.
  9. I don't know about the miltary thing (are the specially marked?) otherwise I think it would be just fine to trade it at any boutique.
  10. I think if they are marked down by 20% then the price tags would reflect that?
  11. could be, but you dont' have to have the price thing.. it can be torn off.. I have no clue if there is any special marking though .. like the outlet has the bullseye? that is all I am thinking...
  12. thanks for all input everyone! Like I said I hinted that I wanted the chocolate when my dad was telling me he has to go back to the Exchange to return the bleeker duffle he was getting my mom for christmas(he's getting her a legacy leather satchel instead:smile:) Hes a smart man so as long as they have the chocolate one at the base I'm sure he'll exchange it. If not I'll just keep it and buy my chocolate maybe after christmas because I really wouldnt want to sell something they got for me.
  13. Keep the black carly.. she's really pretty too.. and that will enable you to get the chocolate one later :graucho: