Can I exchange something from one LV at another?

  1. I bought the Pomme d'amour cles while in AZ and I really would like to exchange it for money towards a wallet here at the Portland store... will they let me do that?
  2. that should be fine. you can always get an lv credit.

    you cannot however use a us credit at a paris store. i just found that out today. lol
  3. I have never ret anything to Lv -but I would think as long as you bought it from LV boutique that you could exchange it at any store...but i don't know for sure....i know someone will be able to answer your question 4 u.
  4. I think so. My husband bought me my first bag in Vegas and brought it home to me in Dallas. The SA in Vegas said if I wanted to, I could exchange it in Dallas. I would call first and write down the names of who you talk to. That way you have no surprises and you won't be embarrassed if they turn you down.
  5. Thanks, i'll give them a call first... suppose i could have done that rather than asking here! And here's hoping they have a wallet in the new vernis color!
  6. i did one time..

    brought from LV Copenhagen Denmark and bring receipt to change at LV Gaysorn Plaza , Thailand..

    Sa not see receipt at all.. jsut look only bag that not used,,, and still new.. and not pass so many days,
  7. I bought a bag from California over the phone. At the time I didn't think it was worth the money so I exchanged it for something else in NYC. You should call the store you plan on returning your bag to and ask them. I'm pretty sure they will give you a store credit.
  8. hum...what about if i bought it from S5A or NM? Can i exchange at LV boutique?
  9. I was able to use it as store credit, that way i got the taxes i paid back. I got an awesome wallet in the same color!
  10. If you have your receipt, it shouldn't be a problem to exchange an item from one LV store to another. However, they have a 14 day return policy (in saleable condition), so if you go beyond the 14 day policy, I'm not sure if they would allow you to exchange or return the item. Maybe a store credit? Call the store to find out for sure.
  11. unfortunately not. if bought at S5A or NM, it has to be returned at the appropriate