Can I exchange it ?

  1. I took a friend to LV two weeks ago and she bought a black Le Talentueux from them. In New Zealand, if you are buying duty free you have to pick up the item at the airport, so my friend asked the LV Customer service lady that she want a brand new one and the LV lady said she will ask them to dispatch one from their warehouse and send it to the airport. Everything was ok until my friend opened her LV package at her home in Taiwan and found the surface of the Suhali leather has a little bump :wtf: and she wasn't too thrilled about it. So she rang LV in Taiwan and said she want to exchange this bag that isn't of the perfect condition and the LV in Taiwan told her that she will have to pay 6% custom charge !! well.......that is just plain unfair since she was told here by the LV in NZ that if there's something wrong with the bag she bought she can exchange it in Taiwan since its LV's global policy to keep up their goods quality and now she's been told she has to pay 6% custom charge to exchange this not so perfect bag ? I mean all she wants to do is exchange this bag to a brand new one that is in an excellent condition and she has to pay for it ? so she rang me and ask me to talk to the LV here in NZ and see what they say. Anyone out there that's from Taiwan and is familiar with the policy in TW ?? I have bought a lot of LV and i always thought if I bought a bag that has apparent "defect" i can always exchange it anywhere in the world .... am i wrong ?? :crybaby:
  2. Could it be that LV Taiwan don't have this bag, and need to order in from the mother ship? If that is the case, then your friend needs to speak to LV Hq and explain the problem.

    I don't see how your friend can be liable for customs duty on a bag that needs to be ordered because hers is defective? If she spoke to the store manager, she needs to get their name and speak to customer services. Taxes/customs etc would be included in any purchase price, and she isn't purchasing a bag, she is exchanging a defective one.

    Good luck!

  3. Is she paying the 6% custom charge or is it the difference between NZ LV price and TW LV price? My friend recently bought a damier koala from Paris and decided she wants to exchange it for the Monogram koala (Both are the same price in Singapore) but she ended up having to pay for the difference between the Singapore and Paris prices before they allowed an exchange.

    Maybe that's what the LV staff meant???
  4. I don't think she should have to pay extra to exchange something. I bought a Wapity Case in Hong Kong and exchanged it after I was back home in TW. I wasn't charged any fees... so I am rather surprised that she has to pay extra since there is a price difference between HK and TW.

    edit: I exchanged at the LV boutique in Taipei 101 mall. Did she try to exchange it there? Whenever I go there, they're always very nice and helpful.
  5. i double confirmed with LV here and they are sure that she should be able to exchange the defective item in Taiwan......maybe the Csutomer service rep there is not i have suggested to my friend that she should go again and ask for the store manager. I sure hope she can get it because she's kinda of upset when she saw the bump on the bag :wtf:
  6. That doesn't sound right. I am sure you can exchange at any LV store without extra charge coz I did it once before and my SA just exchanged it without even looking at the receipt so definitely suggest your friend to talk to the manager as it is very unfair. 6% on a suhali will be quite a lot too....
  7. Oh I hope your friend gets this sorted out. I like yoursefl was under the impresson that you could exchange anything anywhere. But maybe they are taking advantage of the difference in currencies.