Can I exchange a LV bag without receipt?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I received a LV Montaigne Pm as a wedding gift, but Epi Leather is not my favorite . I would like to exchange to something else (I like the Brea MM in Monogram Vernis) .My co.worker chiped in the money to purchased the bag for me so I don't know exactly who buy it, and I don't think it's appropriate to ask them.
    My question is Can I exchange the bag at an LV store without the original receipt????
    Thank you very much for all of your help.
  2. Wow that's tough. I would call the LV boutique and tell them the situation. Ask them what their policy is. GL!
  3. I don't think you can or everyone that was beyond the exchange period would just throw away their receipt and claim it was a gift.
  4. So true!
  5. I doubt it... I just purchased something yesterday in the LV @ Saks and on the receipt it says 14 Day Return / 30 Day Exchange.
  6. I bought my sister-in-law the wilshire for her birthday, but she did not like it and wanted to exchange it. I misplaced the receipt and was unable to find it. So I went with her to exchange the bag without the receipt. I explained the situation to the SA and he said he would have to talk to the sales manager. He came back a few mins later and said the sales manager will allow us to exchange the bag without the receipt. I guess it depends on the store. So I would try it and see. Good luck! Hope u get the bag u want.
  7. Thank you so much... I will try and see if I can exchange the bag.
  8. Talk to a manager, they may allow it. Do you shop at LV often? That can make a difference.
  9. You have great co-workers. I'm jealous. :P

    Do you know where it was purchased? One of the SAs might remember the purchase if it was recent (the wedding gift is kind of a unique story). Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that the stores kept records of purchases, so one of the SAs might be able to look it up for you. Good luck, and congrats on getting married! :smile:
  10. They need to have a record of who bought it. So maybe if you give them everyone that could have possibly bought it they can find it.

  11. I agree^^^
  12. Is there any way to find out which coworker purchased it? I know you probably do not want to hurt their feelings, but honesty is the best policy. They should be happy for you that you are going to get what you want and use.

    Also find out what boutique it was purchased in. the more info you have the better.

  13. i think this also depends on "knowing the person who bought the bag" i would call all the local stores and see if they know any of your co-workers and can verify. also narrow down your list by co workers that carry lv, know about it or at least know you like it
  14. Agreed...Do you have a favorite location or SA? I would think if you told them it was a recent gift, they would at least allow the exchange but not the return of any money. Great co-workers!! :okay: Good Luck!!

  15. you can, but you need proof of purchase, you need to know who bought it, their name and where they live. and if you dont have a receipt you only have 14 days.

    because you dont know the purchaser in this case i dont think you can. but your SA can check to see if they bought it under your name. and if they did than the 14 day policy should apply.