can i exchange a croisette (xmas gift) for something else w/out receipt? HELP!

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  1. My mother in law gave me a brand new black epi leather croisette as a gift for be honest, although it is nice, it really isn't my style and I just don't want it...but being my mother in law, i really can't ask her for the receipt you think i could take it into LV and exchange it for something more my style or even credit or something? I'm sure they can authenticate it and am 100% sure she would never ever buy a fake...DH said she bought it for me on her recent trip to France...

    thanks for your advice!
  2. Gosh, I don't know on this one! Can you call your local boutique and ask? What a nice mother-in-law. I agree, that's a tricky situation. I hope you get something really beautiful.
  3. I will suggest you call 1-800-Vuitton, they may able to pull out the purchase record at France. Or give you some advise.:smile: