Can I do this ?

  1. I was wondering if I hear that there is a bag I want but its in anywhere in Europe or in the UK can I have it shipped to me here in the UK ? Like from Store to home ??. I know this is probably hard to understand LOL so here is an example.

    Example only:

    • I see that someone has saw a vernis bronze cles in Paris store
    • Can I call up and have it shipped to me ??
    • Or I see that there is a vernis Indigo cles in the London store
    • Can I have it shipped to me even though Ive only shopped at the Manchester store in the UK ??
    Thanks :flowers:
  2. I think that if you want to have an item shipped to you from a store within Britain, I would think that it would be alright. But double-check with your store to make sure.

    As for a store outside Britain, e.g., France, I don't know. I'd suggest that you call the manager at your local store to find out.
  3. By calling the main line you can have something from the UK shipped to your home I have had a few things sent and all cost about £13 I think. I'd hope it would be less for small leather goods. As from having items sent from another country I don't know maybe within Europe I would call the main line and see what they say about it if they say no try calling Paris (just example) and see what they say it doesn't hurt to ask.
  4. thankyou for your quick replies :flowers:
  5. You're welcome. :smile:
  6. I was on another thread about this same question. Someone wanted to purchase something from France. My question was if my MIL could buy it for me to ship to her home in the Netherlands. My dh could bring it home for me. The reply from another PFer with this experience living in Germany and the answer is: 'No'. Not within the EU States.
  7. When I lived in Oslo, Norway a couple of years ago there was no LV store there, the closest was Copenhagen, Denmark. I had them ship bags to me on a couple of occasions. I had to fax them my credit card details and a copy of my CC and ID, they wouldn't just accept CC details over the phone. They charged like $25 for the shipping. Came in boxes and everything, I was very happy.