Can I do this with a PCE??

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  1. Ok so..

    is it ok to give away my pce card but still use my discount??? Since I am in the system I can just say that I never got it right? And if the other person used it, is it trackable to me and will they be able to use it??
  2. ok so coach confirmed I can still use my discount w/o the card...I'm going to give it to my best friend for her birthday
  3. They don't care who uses it. Last time there was a woman in the store with a card that she said "belonged to her daughter" and kept giving her daughter's name. The SA did not care. All she wanted was the name of the woman purchasing the item. A sale is a sale in their book.
  4. You can do it... Actually, back when I didn't receive PCE cards, there is a girl I know who ALWAYS gets them, so me and two others would bombard the store together and we would just use her PCE card on all of our purchases (with the purchases being marked under our own profiles).
  5. ^a trip down memory lane? :smile:
  6. Yeah, it is not that easy anymore!!! :nogood:
  7. Well it's been a year ;) and the SA my friends always went to hooked them up :biggrin: