Can I do anything about people using my pictures on Ebay?

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    This guy stole my Dersou images and will most likely try to scam someone.

    How do I go about reporting that someone stole my images? I tried to look through many of the options to report an auction but none seems to be appropriate...
  2. go to the "report this auction" like at the bottom of the auction.


    then pick the stolen propety option

    then go from there about stolen pictures. you will have to provide evidence that the pictures were stolen, though. So provide a URL in the comments section.
  3. oops, my mistake. go to the report link, click copy of your listing

  4. Well I didn't list my bag anywhere, I already tried that option and I need to provide *my* auction from which the pictures were stolen from... That is why I am stuck.
  5. no, you can give them the link to the web site. It has an option about stoilen pictures form web sites.

  6. Sorry that I cannot give you a URL since eBay requires being logged in to do this
    - log in
    - click on Help tab (top bar on the right )
    - search for "report counterfeit"
    - you will get a page with 2 links - one to report fakes, a second to report stolen media
    - go to second page & report !

  7. The item is no longer for sale. I really hope no one bought it. This seller is a real idiot.
  8. You can also get revenge!

    If someone is using your photos without permission and using a link to your photo server (e.g. photobucket), you can substitute one of these images during the auction and expose the seller as an intellectual property thief.

    Here is an example of one of the images that you could have showing up in the photo thief's auctions:


    Full details at

    It's also a good idea to use a watermark in your images - decent photo software should have this feature.

    Good luck!
  9. ^ great Idea...
  10. Oh I like that idea! After I saw Michelle's pictures show up on another site, it scared me so I watermark EVERYthing now.

  11. I think it's pretty rare for someone to use the same link as the real picture. They will just save it on their computer, and upload it on their own.
  12. Lol you'd be surprised. I've seen a lot of people use links that come from from elux or other sites for example, even people who have used other people's pictures when they're clearly watermarked!
  13. I had this happen to me and I went to the live help on the main page and they gave me the link to report it which I did and there listing was deleted in a matter of hours.
  14. I absolutely HATE it when I see MY pictures all over someone else's auction :cursing:

    I was browsing eBay two night ago and I noticed that some :censor: stole my pictures!!!! Not only that but that :censor: cropped off my watermark. WTF. I have reported the auction a million times to eBay but the fact that it's a weekend and there was only 1 day (and a half) left when I noticed the auction, it's going to completion. :cursing:

    The seller must've saved my pictures because I deleted it from my photobucket account months ago after I received feedback from the buyer. I hate A**HOLES like him/her/IT!!

    Check out the pictures here and my original pictures here.

    Anyone know if ebay can still suspend the account after an auction has ended?