Can I default my Paypal into using credit card each time for payment?

  1. When I used to pay by Paypal, it gave me an option to use my credit card which I usually do. I just had a transaction where I didn't see the credit card option and automatically deducted it from my bank account....did I miss something new in Paypal?!!!

    Is there a way to have the credit card used for payment as a defult?

  2. Not that I am aware of. For reasons best known to PayPal, they really want you to use your bank account. Maybe they make more money that way, don't have to worry about chargebacks, someone else can say why.

    What I can tell you is that they deliberately make it harder for you to use your credit card.

    The words "more funding options" will appear, but it is in tiny little letters, and you always have to wait for all the various spy tracking scripts, advertisements, and assorted other garbage to load before those tiny little letters appear.

    Once they do appear, though, you can click that more funding options and it is then and only then that you will be given the option of using your credit card.

    But you will have to sit through extra screens and trickily worded things asking if you are SURE you want to do this thing, as if it were something that is a really really bad idea, and PayPal just wants to protect you from making such a bad decision.
  3. I don't know if you can default it but that's happened to me once too! Now, I'm just really careful to make sure I have funds from credit card marked each time I need to use my cc.
  4. Isn't it true though that if the seller hasn't upgraded their account to the Business account, that you can't pay with a credit card?

    I know that when you open a PayPal account, it is a Personal account, and I thought that one of the "benefits" to opening a Business account (aside from the obvious I'm-not-getting-money-from-my-parents-account) is that you could accept credit cards.

    I don't know. Something to check into.
  5. "What I can tell you is that they deliberately make it harder for you to use your credit card".
    ShimmaPuff said it perfectly!

    They absolutely do make it harder for you to use your credit card and if you have any funds in your paypal account it will automatically use those first.
  6. Hats, if you buy an item on eBay and the Seller accepts Paypal, they are REQUIRED to accept credit cards now, no matter what they say.
    They are forced to upgrade their account:yes:

    I never need to mess w/ my setting in Paypal, but I know you can change the method of payment evertime you pay a Seller, you'll see the option when paying if you just look for it.
  7. Make sure you do not hit the PAY button at the top section of the payment page. If you scroll down a bit, that is where you will see the fund payment by other option in tiny font. You click that on and you go to another screen and is says, are you really sure that you want to use this credit card as payment. Click yes. I think they want you to use your paypal balance funds so they do not have to pay the credit card fee.
  8. I think I know......

    I had this happen when I had a paypal balance. It would not let me choose the CC option. So, I cancelled that payment, transfered my paypal balance to my checking account that is linked to my paypal which then gave me a 0 balance in my paypal account. I tried the payment again and sure enough there was the option to pay with the CC.

    So now when I make any purchase I make sure to transfer any balance out first because I make every payment with my CC as it's the way I feel most protected.
  9. My PP account is linked to my credit card only. It has always been this way.
  10. However, I think if you buy & sell you have to link the PP account to a bank account.
  11. There are various reasons like other people have stated. My best guess would be maybe seller has opted not to receive credit card payments. Some do actually choose that option because it may further protect them from chargebacks. And it's also cheaper for them.
  12. BellaFiore....I DID have a Paypal balance, that's probably why they made me take it out of my bank balance! However after I paid it I didn't have a balance and I had to do an additional payment and somehow it only offered bank account.

  13. BS

    You can't even create PayPal account without a bank account (checking OR savings). It's just not possible. If you knew the first thing about PayPal security, you would know this.

    In order to create and verify an account. Paypal will deposit a random amount of money in your account and then you will have to verify those amounts. :graucho:
  14. No need to be so in your face:nuts:, DigitalNerd. Also this thread is 2 years old (2007)! But just so you know, you always need to check "more funding options" when you pay or PP will take it directly from your bank account, not your credit card. And then they ask again "are you SURE you want to use your CC?" They do want you bank $$.
  15. WRONG.. you CAN create a PP account w/out a bank account. My bank account has never been linked to my PP account.